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Champneys skincare

Champneys Rejuvenating Face Serum

Champneys Rejuvenating Face Serum

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Bioactive ingredients Rose, Neroli, Green Tea Extract and Hyaluronic Acid.

Gentle Bioactive ingredients reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst regenerating and rejuvenating the skin.

Skin Type: All skin types

Directions: Apply a small amount daily to the face and neck before using Day Cream or Regenerating Sleep Serum and Sleep Cream.


  • Regenerates and Rejuvenates
  • Can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles resulting in smoother skin
  • Helps protect against UV damage
  • Soothing and Calming Product

Size: 30ml

Shelf Life: Store in a cool dry place away from direct light and heat. Once opened use within 12 months.

Fragrance: Rejuvenate - FLORAL – SWEET CITRUS – BALSAMIC


Green Tea Extract Antioxidant – helps protect skin cells from damage and premature ageing. Soothing, calming and repairing.

Watermelon Fruit Extract (Citrullus Lanatus) Highly purified Watermelon extract. Protects against UV damage and free radicals. Antiiinflammatory, Anti-Aging. Regenerative and repair properties.

Hyaluronic Acid/Sodium Hyaluronate blend 5 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid to deliver moisturisation at all skin levels. Boosts collagen and elastin. Reduces appearance of wrinkles. Increases skin volume and density. Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally in the body but depletes as we age. Holds 1000x its own weight in water.

Calendula Extract Soothes irritated, dry, itchy skin. Helps Eczema and Psoriasis.

Horsetail Extract Anti-inflammatory - soothing, calming. Healing. Improves collagen production.

Coenzyme Q10 Produced naturally in the body but depletes as we age. Anti-ageing, antioxidant – protects cells from damage. Helps produce elastin and collagen to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles for smoother skin.

Carrot Seed Revitalises dull skin, healing, anti-ageing properties. Helps eczema, psoriasis. Rosacea

Frankincense Anti-inflammatory – calming, soothing, nourishing. Helps skin regeneration, anti-ageing, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Neroli Rejuvenates, stimulates cell renewal. Hydrating. Helps mature and sensitive skin. Antibacterial, cleansing properties balance sebum production and help treat breakouts.

Bergamot Antibacterial- good for oily skin and acne. Healing – acne scars and pigmentation. Antioxidant – protects from skin cell damage and premature ageing. Helps Eczema and Psoriasis.

Jasmine Moisturising for dry, sensitive, sore skin. Soothing, toning, antiseptic. Can help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Rose Absolute Anti-inflammatory – calming. Good for dry/mature skin, nourishing. Helps with skin regeneration and reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Helichrysum Anti-inflammatory. Promotes healthy skin cell regeneration. Soothing. Helps reduce redness and even out skin tone. Moisturising

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