Champneys Miracle Buffer
Champneys Miracle Buffer
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Champneys Miracle Buffer

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At Champneys, our treatments offer a chance to unwind and restore. Our Miracle Buffer is the perfect tool to polish up your nails while you relax. With 4 sides to shape, buff, smooth and shine nails, it's a hands down favourite with our guests.

4 sides to file, buff, smooth and shine nails

Side 1: 100 grits
Side 2: 240 grits
Side 3 : 400 grits
Side 4: 4000 grits


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How to use

OUR THERAPISTS RECOMMEND: 1. Create the perfect nail shape with side 1, filing in one direction towards the centre of the nail. 2. Once a month use side 2 to smooth ridges on the surface of the nail, followed by side 3 to create a finer finish and sheen. 3. Turn over the buffer to side 4 and vigorously buff the nail to create the perfect natural gloss look. This step can be repeated every few days to maintain a natural shine.


Hazards and Cautions

WARNING: Rinse well after use.