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Champneys 3 Nail Files

Champneys 3 Nail Files

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Our therapists are experts in understanding what tools are best for the job in hand. Our trio of nail files in 3 different grit levels enable you to achieve a professional finish on all nail types, including artificial. Revitalise your hands and feet.

3 grit levels: coarse, medium, and fine; for natural and artificial nails

Double-sided grit
100/180 grit - Coarse/Medium
180/180 grit - Medium
180/240 grit - Medium/Fine

This file set contains 3 files: one coarse/medium file suitable for toes; one medium file suitable for tidying finger and toe nails; and one medium/fine suitable for finger nails.


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How to use

OUR THERAPISTS RECOMMEND: To achieve your desired shape and length always file in one direction towards the centre of the nail. Use the coarser side first and the finer side to smooth the free edges.

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