The Champneys Plate

The Champneys Plate

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Working to the principles of moderation, balance and variety, the Champneys healthy eating plate educates and empowers you to manage your own healthy eating habits. Portion size differs for everyone based on a number of factors, but proportions of food from each different food group should remain the same for a well-balanced meal.


The Champneys plate is labelled as a handy guide to the right choices. The options for each section are endless but below we’ve listed some of our favourites to get you started:


Essential Fats - walnuts and flaxseed oil

Fibre-Rich Carbohydrates - wholemeal pasta, brown rice and sweet potato

Healthy Protein - oily fish, lean meat and pulses

Non-Starchy Vegetables  -  asparagus, beetroot, baby corn, broccoli and mixed peppers


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