Champneys Eye Purify
Champneys Eye Purify
Champneys Skincare

Champneys Eye Purify

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Our Champneys Skincare range is inspired by the countryside surroundings of our spa resorts and is used daily in our world-class spa treatments. Packed with natural ingredients, this vegan-friendly handmade range gives you spa-radiant skin at home.

A gentle eye make-up remover with Chamomile and Sweet almond oil, to cleanse and condition the lashes. Suitable for all skin types.



A gentle formula to effectively remove all make-up without drying the delicate eye area. This make-up remover provides a soothing and rejuvenating feel, leaving the skin clean, soft and refreshed.


Handmade in the UK. Vegan Friendly with Natural Ingredients. Formulated with English essential oils for all skin types. Not tested on animals.